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Resource HubCo is a contractor umbrella company that cares, offering first-class PAYE payroll services to hard working people like you.

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At Resource HubCo,  we specialise in compliant PAYE payroll services for contractors like you. Thanks to our experience and expertise, we give you a transparent and reliable service you can trust. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality contractor payroll solutions and umbrella company services, and doing all we can to make your life easier.

At Resource HubCo, it is all about making things simple. From straightforward registration to dedicated Relationship Managers, our service is built around assisting you.

Why choose Resource HubCo? Here are just some of the reasons we’re the umbrella company for you.

Our relationship-focused, affordable services are all about fast payments, simplicity, and contractor care.

Resource HubCo offers easy registration, flexible pensions, online portal and inclusive insurances.

Our PAYE services are fully compliant, and designed to take care of you.

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